Spring/Summer season info

Thanks to all those who have registered in our Sunnyside Spring/Summer Beach Volleyball leagues. By now you will have noticed Off Limit Sports has partnered to support upcoming Go West league operations. All current/existing programs will continue to run as planned. For any new programs beginning after April 30th please reach out to info@offlimitsports.com Now to Sunnyside … Unfortunately the City of Toronto decided to renovate Sunnyside and retracted the number of courts from 8 to 2. This only allows us to run league night with a maximum amount of 6 teams (hence the note of limited space) For those who have not been able to get into Sunnyside … Go West worked out an exclusive deal with Off Limit Sports. They are happy to offer an extremely generous Captains WELCOME BONUS 🙂 As a thank you and welcome to Off Limit Sports, any Go West members registered as a Captain in any program below will receive a Bonus (please see notes) Exclusive Captains BONUS details: Captains will receive a 20% Credit. 20% is based on ANY of the team registration fee between March 8th to March 31st This Credit will be applied to the Captain’s Off Limit Sports account. For use on any future program registration in 2024 Credit available for any and multiple Captain registration “Related Volleyball Leagues” Indoor Reverse 6s https://www.offlimitsports.com/reverse-6s-volleyball?ct=t(Off_Limit3_8_2024_20_29) Indoor Coed 6s https://www.offlimitsports.com/coed-court-volleyball?ct=t(Off_Limit3_8_2024_20_29) Coed 4s & 6s Beach: Saturdays (Marie Curtis) Coed 2s, 4s & 6s Beach: Weekdays (Woodbine) Coed 6s Beach: Tuesday (Earlscourt) https://www.offlimitsports.com/beach-volleyball?ct=t(Off_Limit3_8_2024_20_29) “Alternative solutions” Trampoline Dodgeball https://www.offlimitsports.com/trampoline-dodgeball?ct=t(Off_Limit3_8_2024_20_29) Pickleball https://www.offlimitsports.com/leagues/indoor-pickleball?ct=t(Off_Limit3_8_2024_20_29) 3 Pitch Softball https://www.offlimitsports.com/coed-softball-3pitch?ct=t(Off_Limit3_8_2024_20_29)

Spring and summer Registration is open. Click on read more and then click on the register button.