Competitive 2-4’s Beach Volleyball Rules

Standard rules apply:
You may not block a serve
Rotate in extra players
Stay off the net (if you touch the net during game play, it is the other teams point)
If the ball lands on the line, it is in
Double hits are allowed off the serve
Maximum of 3 hits per side
You may use your feet
No lifting or scooping the ball
Call your own infractions (you may also question other players moves, the two teams must come to a decision about the call. If no mutual decision can be met, reserve the ball.)
No open handed tipping
Teams may use substitute players for any night during the regular season, but not during playoffs (exceptions to this rule must be approved by the coordinator). All substitute players must be at least an equal or lower skill level than the missing player.
Players must play a minimum of 40% of games to be considered eligible for playoffs (exceptions to this rule must be approved by the coordinator).
Teams must submit their team roster by the end of the second night of league play. Each team’s roster may have no more than 3 male players and 3 female players.
Each match is one game to 21 points, with a cap at 23 points.
Please arrive on time to ensure that games run according to their scheduled time. Teams not ready to play (on the court) within 5 minutes after the game start time default that game.

Rules to note:

Players may NOT volley a serve.
Players may NOT volley a ball, other than the 2nd ball with the intention of setting a team member. If a 2nd ball that is volleyed floats over into the opposition’s court (intentional or unintentional) it is a dead ball.
Male players may not block female players in Coed 2’s, but may in Coed 4’s.
A block is considered a touch. i.e. If a player blocks the ball, there are two remaining touches left (even if the player who blocked touched the ball a second time after the block.)