Competitive 4’s Beach Volleyball

1. Standard CIAU rules apply: a) Players MAY NOT block, attack or volley a serve

b) Rotate in extra players

c) Unlimited Serves

d) Do not touch the net during play (if a player touches the during play, the point and serve goes to the opposing team)

e) If the ball lands on the line, it is considered in.

f) Maximum of 3 hits per side

g) A block is counted as a hit

h) Players may use their feet

i) No lifting or scooping the ball

j) No open handed tipping allowed

k) Players are to call their own infractions. Opposing players may question a play, and if a mutual decision can not be reached by the TEAM CAPTAINS, please see the coordinator.

l) Players may not volley the ball over the net or receive a serve with a volley. Players may only use a volley to receive a hard driven ball.

m) All players are considered front row and may hit from ANYWHERE on the court

Games are to begin on time.

Any team that is not on the court and ready to play (with a minimum of 4 players – including 1 female) after the first 15 minutes loses the first game. Teams continue to forfeit a game with every 15 minutes they are not on the court ready to play.

Each match consists of 3 games.

2 games to 21 pts; teams must win by 2 points – with a cap at 23.

3rd game to 15 pts; teams must win by 2 points with a cap at 17

All teams must have 1 female on the court at all times; teams with female player must play with no more than 2 players.

All members of the team must complete the Go West Athletics Waiver Form, AND must play a minimum of 40% of the season’s games in order to qualify for playoffs (any exceptions to this rule must be approved by both an office staff member and the coordinator).

Go West Athletics uses Rally Point Scoring (a point is scored with every serve).

Let serves are good: if the ball hits the net on a serve and lands in, it counts as a point for the serving team.

Please report the scored to the coordinator before leaving the courts.

All teams in each pool are guaranteed to play in the playoffs.



For outdoor sports, we play in almost any weather, with the exception of lightening.

RAIN DECISIONS WILL BE MADE AT 5pm ON GAME DAYS CALL 416-539-8828 or check the website at www.GOWESTATHLETICS.COM to find out if games are on.