Competitive 4’s Indoor Volleyball Rules

Standard CIS rules apply:
You may not block a serve
Rotate in extra players
Stay off the net (if you touch the net during game play, it is the other teams point)This rule is being kept to ensure the safety of all players
If the ball lands on the line, it is in
Double hits are allowed off the serve
Maximum of 3 hits per side
A block is not counted as a hit
You may use your feet
No lifting or scooping the ball
Call your own infractions (you may also question other players moves, the two teams must come to a decision about the call. If no mutual decision can be met, reserve the ball.)
No open handed tipping
Games are 4 on 4 with minimum of 1 female on the court at all times. If you do not have a female player, then you must play with two players.
You may have substitute players for any game except any round of the finals.
There is no attack line, players can hit from anywhere.
You do not need to rotate positions, but you must rotate the server.
Games are 90 minutes in length, each team plays two games against two different teams (every game counts).
Games are to 25 points – team must win by 2 points, with a cap at 27 points. Games are rally point (point scored on every serve).
Games begin on time. If games begin late, no make up time will be given .
Let serves are good (ie. if the ball hits the net on the serve and lands in, it counts as a point)
Maximum of 7 players allowed per team.
Players must play at least 50% of the games AND be listed on the team’s roster to be eligible to play in the playoffs.
You may use substitute players for regular season games (or you may borrow only one player from existing teams if your team is short on a given night).
Report scores to the coodinator before you leave.
Have FUN!!