Competitive/Intermediate Plus 6’s Indoor Volleyball Rules

Standard CIAU rules apply:

Players may not block a serve.
Rotate in extra players.
Stay off the net (if a player touches the net while the ball is still in play, the serve goes to the opposing team). This rule is being kept to ensure the safety of all players
If the ball lands on the line, it is considered in.
Double hits are allowed off the serve.
Let serves are good (i.e. if the ball hits the net on the serve and lands in the opposition’s court, it is considered a point for the serving team).
Maximum of 3 touches per side.
A block is not counted as a hit.
Players may use their feet.
No lifting or scooping the ball.
Back court hitters must jump from behind the attack line.
Call your own infractions. Players may also question other players infractions – both teams must come to a mutual decision about the call. If not, reserve the ball and see the coordinator.
Please note that this is a league geared towards enjoyment of sports for everyone.
Please make calls using your own discretion.
Games are 6 on 6 players with a minimum of 2 female players on the court at all times. Teams without a female player must default their game; teams with one female player must play with only 4 players.
Teams may use substitute players for any game except the playoffs. Players must play at least 50% of the regular season games and must be a registered member of the team to be eligible to play in the playoffs. In the event of an extenuating circumstance, a substitute may be allowed to play during playoffs; however, this must be approved by an office staff member AND the coordinator PRIOR to the night of playoffs.
Each match consists of 2 games.
Games go to 25 points using the rally point system. Teams must win by 2 points, with the exception of a cap at 27 points.
Games are to begin on time. If games begin late, no make up time will be given.
Maximum of 10 players allowed per team.
Please report your team’s scores to the coordinator before leaving.