Intermediate 4’s Beach Volleyball Rules

Standard CIAU rules apply:
Players may not block or attack a serve
Rotate in extra players
Maximum of five (5) serves in a row
Stay off the net (if you do touch the net, it is the other teams ball)
If the ball lands on the line, it is in
Double hits are allowed off the serve – volleying the serve is permitted
Players may volley any ball over the net, but the volley must be square to the person
Maximum of three (3) hits per side
A block is not counted as a hit
Players may not use their feet
No lifting or scooping the ball
Call your own infractions. You may also question other players infractions – both teams must come to a mutual decision about the call. If not, reserve the ball and see the coordinator. Please note that this is a league geared towards enjoyment of sports for everyone – please make calls using your own discretion
Games are to begin on time – Teams that don’t have a minimum of two players ready to play by the game start time default the first game.

after 10 minutes – the 2nd game is defaulted
after 20 minutes – the match is defaulted
Each match consists of three (3) games
Games are to twenty-one (21) points; teams must win by two points or with a maximum of twenty-three (23) points (games end when the first team gets to twenty-three points)
Teams must have one female player on the court at all times; teams with no female player must play with a maximum of two players
Rally point scoring is used (the team who wins the rally wins the point)
Let serves are good: if the ball hits the net on a serve and lands in, it counts
Captains are to report their scores to the coordinator before leaving
All teams make the playoffs.