Recreational Indoor Volleyball

Standard CIS rules apply:
You can not block a serve
Rotate in extra players
Maximum of 5 serves in a row
Stay off the net (if you do touch the net, it is the other teams ball)
If the ball lands on the line, it is in
Double hits are allowed off the serve
Maximum of 3 hits per side
A block is not counted as a hit
You may not use your feet
No lifting or scooping the ball
Call your own infractions (you may also question other players moves, the two teams must come to a decision about the call
If no mutual decision can be met, reserve the ball
The games are 85 minutes in length including warm up
You are to play 5 games to 25 points beginning at 0-0, rally system
If you complete your games in that time (25 points, cap at 27 win by two)
Please call in the scores to the office 416-539-8828 or
Teams must have 2 women on the court at all times, if only one women is on the court, you must play with 4 players, Two players are front row and two are back row
Substitute players, are allowed any game but the playoffs
Each team is allowed 2, timeouts per match
Let serves are allowed (the ball can hit the net on serve)
All teams make playoffs
No subs allowed in the playoffs