Soccer Rules

Standard soccer rules apply to all games:

Teams on the floor are comprised of 5 players (including the goalie) with a minimum of 2 female players. Teams with only 1 female player must play with only 3 players.
Game Time/Default: Please arrive at least 15 minutes before game time so that games may begin on time. Games are 55 minutes in length, with no stoppage for a halftime. Games are to begin on time. A default will occur if any team cannot field a squad by 10 minutes past the official start time. Captains may agree to waive the rules regarding minimum players; however, this must be decided before the game starts.
The game begins with one team initiating play by making a pass from the centre of the court.
Player substitutions can be made at anytime (changing on the fly is allowed). However, please ensure that the player coming off has completely entered the team bench area before the new player joins the play. The change must not disrupt the flow of the game. Goalies may not change on the fly. Please wait for a stoppage in play before substituting goalies.
After a goal is scored, the team that was scored on gets the ball from beside the net. The opposing team may cross the centre line once the ball has been kicked.
A handball infraction occurs when the ball hits a player’s arm from the ELBOW down (as opposed to the shoulder). All players may use their arms to block the ball from hitting their groin area, and female players may also use their arms to block the ball from hitting their chest. This rule will reduce the number of stoppages in play.
In the spirit of the game, we request that players do not abuse this rule.
All free kicks are indirect. In order to score off a free kick, the ball must first be touched by another player (offense or defense, but not the goalie).
A ball may not be kicked higher than the average “shoulder height” (approximately 5 feet). In the event of a high ball, an indirect kick is awarded to the non-offending team from the approximate area where the ball exceeded the height limit. In the interest of limiting the stoppages in play, only obvious high balls should be called.
Balls may be played off both back and side walls.
Goalies may not pass the ball over centre and may not drop kick the ball – they must underhand pass to someone on their own side of the gym.
Games may end in a tie during the regular season.
Teams may use substitute players for any game except the playoffs. Players must play at least 50% of the regular season games and must be a registered member of the team to be eligible to play in the playoffs. In the event of an extenuating circumstance, a substitute may be allowed to play during playoffs; however, this must be approved by an office staff member AND the coordinator PRIOR to the night of playoffs.
Offending players should call their own infractions; however, any players involved with incidents may also make a call. In the event of a disagreement, it is up to the captains to discuss it. If the captains cannot come to an agreement, then they are to bring the issue to the coordinator, who will make a call in order to enable the game to continue.
Players not involved in the play at the time of an incident may not make a call at any time, with the exception of the team captain.

Please note that our club is geared towards the fun and enjoyment of sports for all.

Please use your discretion when calling other players infractions.

Slide Tackling: Even if contact is made with the ball first, slide tackling is not allowed under any circumstances. Players (with the exception of the goalie) may not slide to block a shot or pass at any time.
Please report your team’s scores to the coordinator before leaving.