Softball Rules

Games are to begin on time.
Teams may use subs during the regular season, but not during playoffs.
Teams must have three (3) females on the field at all times. Teams with only two (2) females must field with only seven (7) players, not nice (9).
Teams may not play with less than two (2) women.
Teams may play the first two (2) innings with less than six (6) players (with a minimum of two (2) females); if by the beginning of the 3rd inning the team has less than six (6) players, the team defaults the game.
For every fifteen (15) minutes a team is not ready to play, that team looses one inning with maximum scores – six (6) runs.
In order to qualify for the playoffs, players must have played in a minimum of 4 regular season games.
The official game consists of seven ( )7 innings.
A maximum of six (6) runs may be scored in the first six (6) innings. The seventh or last inning may have unlimited runs.
Three pitch, teams pitch for their own teams.
Players that hit the pitcher are out.
If the third pitch is a foul, you may have one more pitch.
The ball must pass the pitcher’s mound (the rubber strip, if there is none in place, please put one there before the game begins) or it is considered a foul.
Fielders may not stand in front of the baselines before contact is made. (Fielders may not be closer to the batter than the baselines.)
Please use the safety base at first base. Runners must touch the outside of the base, and fielders touch the inside of the base.
Sliding is not permitted; if a player slides, they are considered out.
Leadoffs are not permitted. Runners may leave the base only after contact has been made between the bat and the ball; players leaving before the ball makes contact with the bat are considered out.
Please do not throw of the bat after hitting the ball.
When coming home, the runner may not touch home plate, they should just cross the line from home plate. If the runner touches home plate they are out. There is no tagging at home plate.
The catcher should have a foot on the home plate. If the catcher catches the ball before the runner crosses the line, runner is out.
Once a runner has passed the “commitment line” which is located between 3rd base and home plate; once a runner has passed that line, they must run home (they may not turn back to the 3rd base).
When batting, teams must have a female player bat every third hitter (no more than two (2) men may hit in a row).
Teams may choose to have one complete lineup with men and women, or two lineups (one for men and one for women), as long as it is consistent.
The hitter must run out their hit, to first, pinch runners of the same sex may come in at first if there is an injury. Please advise the opposing team at the beginning of the game.
In the case of an overthrow over the fence, the runners will get one base. If the ball does not go over the fence, it is still in play (no an automatic base).
The batting team must have players at first and third calling fowls and safe; if a team does not have players in those positions, and there are close calls, the call automatically goes in favour of the outfield team.
No bunting is permitted; players must use a full swing.
To determine if a ball is fair or foul, on the infield, it should be marked when the ball is dead.
The infield fly rule does not apply; however, in-fielders must make a reasonable attempt to catch the infield balls.
Alcohol is not permitted on the diamonds.
Captains should report their scores to the coordinator before leaving.
Have fun!