Ultimate Frisbee Rules

Teams consist of five (5) players, with a minimum of two (2) females on the field at all times. Teams without two (2) females must play with one player short. Teams with no females must play with three (3) players for the first twenty (20) minutes; after that point, if there is still no female, the team defaults the game.
Games are to begin on time; teams must have a minimum of three (3) players to play. For every five (5) minutes that the team cannot play, the opposing team earns one point. After twenty (20) minutes, if the team is still not ready to play, the team defaults the game.
Games are two, thirty minute halves.
Before the game the captains should flip the disc (like a coin) to determine which team will pull and which will receive. The opposite will occur after the half.
The game begins with a pull; both teams lined up on their end zones and one team ‘pulls’ or throws the disc to the other team. If a catch is attempted and missed on the pull, then it is a turn over.
If any pass is not completed, it results in a turn over.
In order to score a point, a player must catch the disc in the end zone with at least one foot in the end zone and the throw must originate in the player’s team’s own half of the field.
After a goal, the team that scored pulls the disc to the opposing team after they arrive at the other end of the field. In order to signal that the team is ready to receive, one player from the team must raise their arm in the air.
Substitutions may only occur after a goal is scored or due to an injury.
If the disc lands out of bounds on a pull, the receiving team may call “centre” and bring the disc to the centre of the field at the level where the disc went out, or they may take it at the side lines.
If a player catches the disc with one foot in bounds, it is a fair catch.
After the disc goes out of bounds, the player brings the disc to the sideline closest to where it went out of bounds and the defensive team must tap the disc in order to begin play again.
An incomplete pass or a knockdown results in a turn over.
Players must allow the opposing team to tap in the disc if there is a defensive player within 3 meters of the out of bounds disc. If no player is within that area, then the offensive team may hit the disc to the ground to begin play.
Only one defensive player may mark any one offensive player and there must be one disc length between them.
Players may not use feet in defending the disc.
A player with the disc may not move into a stationary defender.
After a fair catch is made, players may only take a few steps to gain control before they must stop and establish a pivot foot (you can not move both feet while trying to throw the disc.)
The defensive player should count out stalls loudly. Once the defensive player reaches ten (10) stalls, then there is a turn over.
No contact is allowed between players.
Teams are to call their own fouls.
Experienced players are welcome to share their knowledge with less experienced players.
Captains are to report their scores to the coordinator before leaving.